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JCPenney Camp Crew Program

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As we reinvent ourselves to fit the diversity of America, we are looking for a motivated, talented Camp Crew to fill seasonal positions within our organization. JCPenney offers an inclusive environment and culture. We know success is built from the inside out, and our associates are the heartbeat of our company!

We are looking for Camp Crew to help support JCPenney’s Supply Chain Network. We have 8 facilities around the nation that help us get the right product to the right place that are inviting Camp Crew Members now through our Peak Season Ending Late December 2023.

JCPenney has 3 different types of supply chain facilities.


SSC: Stands for Store Support Center. Store support operations work to process bulk inventory in preparation of our stores receiving it. We receive in cartons of merchandise and need to allocate that assortment to our stores. Job functions in the SSC include:  Scanning, Sorting, Auditing, Shipping, Receiving, Bombay, and Unisort. Bombay and Unisort are machines that help us sort product so every store receives a mixed consolidation of merchandise.
DLC : E-Commerce Distribution Logistics Center , which is the heart of what we do!
The DLC focuses on picking, packing and shipping individual customers orders.
Job functions for the DLC include Receiving, Stocking, Order Fill, Packing, Shipping, Auditing, Sorting Returns, and Special Projects as needed.
RLC : Regional Distribution Center. RLC’s handle bulk containers and breaks down the containers for the SSC to sort. Bulk handling is the key difference. Job functions in an RLC include Loading, Unloading, Picking and Sorting of cartons.

Hiring Process: What to Expect

Once you contact the facility you are interested in, they will set up a phone interview with you. If a job offer is made, a formal offer letter will be emailed to you. You will respond back with your acceptance of the offer and your arrival date at that location. We highly recommend you reserve your RV space at the time you confirm the acceptance of the job offer. For every week worked as a full-time associate, starting August 1st, 2023, JCPenney will issue you a $100.00 weekly stipend directly to you, (direct deposit, pay card or check). JCPenney does not manage RV accommodations for Camp Crew Members. Upon acceptance of job offer, JCPenney will launch a criminal background check. This will be weeks before your start date. Once you arrive to your jobsite, HR will email you Drug Screening instructions. At no cost to you, you will go to the specified testing site complete the screening process. The position offered is contingent upon the results of the criminal background check and drug screening. Based on those results, JCPenney reserves the right to withdrawal the offer. Seasonal Camp Crew Jobs are designed to be 90-120 days of employment, (time frame per location is variable). Please ensure you discuss your time frame with your site’s HR representative. Your first day will be an orientation day, set once the results of pre-employment screenings are received. Legal Identification to work in the United States is required. For additional questions, please contact the HR/ Recruiting contact for the location you are interested in, (located on the site specific pages above). Due to the nature of warehouse work, our facilities are not pet friendly. Please ensure if you have pets, that you arrange all matters directly with the RV site of choice.

There is no contract per say. We are looking for commitment through your start date to the end date of the assignment. Each location has different end dates. Please see the location specific page for more information.

Peak Schedules

While we work on finalizing our 2023 Peak Schedule, we want to be sure all Camp Crew members are aware that all JCPenney Logistics associates are required to work the published Peak schedule for that facility. This can include working 13 days in a row. If you have specific questions regarding Peak Schedules, please direct them to your HR contact at the time of interview.

We are offering Full Time Seasonal Employment, overtime eligible. If you work 2nd shift hours, there are shift premiums.

Job Requirements

While we try to provide the best working environment for our associates, not all buildings are climate controlled, requiring you to dress appropriately based on the climate that day.

JCPenney Logistics MOVEment. Our logistics associates are always on the move. The backbone of our operations, our supply chain is essential in directing merchandise items to more than 604 stores and millions of online shippers across the country. Physical Essential Function ( Lifting): Frequent 0-30 lbs; Occasional 30-75 lbs. Walking and standing on feet for entire scheduled shift



“It is always the start that requires the greatest effort.” – James Cash Penney

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