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Reno, Nevada

Phone interviews now being conducted:
Please email to schedule an interview

Home Means The Mountains

Biggest little City: Reno, Nevada

Reno has experienced an economic growth spurt that has rebooted it as “The Next Silicon Valley.” Boutique hotels, craft breweries and a thriving art scene have also become major staples of The Biggest Little City’s culture. 

Jewels of the Sierra : Lake Tahoe, California

A short drive away, will take you to the spectacular Lake Tahoe, named one of the best adventure vacations in the US. Tahoe is known for its clarity, views and fresh air.

Nevada Capital: Carson City

Carson City is its own best attraction, and a leisurely walk through its historic neighborhoods is the best way to get acquainted with this pleasant little city at the base of the Sierra Nevada.

JCPenney Logistics Center-  Camp Crew

For the 5th year in the row, we will be interviewing Camp Crew Members to join us from July-December for our peak months. Warehouse Positions rotate based on business need. Opportunities include but not limited to:  
Receiving    Packing Stocking    Shipping Order Fill   Auditing
Prepping/Bagging Merchandise Department Support Trailer Unloading
Returns Back to stock Special Projects as needed

What you can expect:

Full-time Seasonal Employment through on or about December 23rd
• $18.00 an hour*
• Overtime (we can work 50-60 hours a workweek depending on business need)
• $100 a week (post tax) RV Slip Stipend for full-time associates, (starts July 31st).
• Schedule*: 8 hour shifts, 5 days a week with overtime flexing to a 10 hour shift as needed. Schedules may vary based on department assignment. First Shift and Second Shift available.
*Subject to change

What to expect once you get an offer letter

Formal Offer: To accept the offer, email back the confirmation that you accept the offer and advise us your tentative arrival date.

Pre-employment Drug testing: Testing will be taken upon your arrival into Reno. When you get closer to your arrival date we will send you the information. We receive results within that day, so there won’t be a delay.

Orientation: Your first day here at JCP Reno will be spent in our comprehensive Orientation and Health and Safety Training.  We hold Orientations on multiple days during the week.

Questions? Contact us

Phone: 775-895-2901 Mark Roark

Facebook: JCPenney Camp Crew + JCPenney Logistics

Check with Josh Wallin (GSR) for availability.  The resort includes full hookups and unlimited access to the resort amenities like the pool and fitness center. 

JCPenney is not affiliation with any local campgrounds or RV parks. Camp Crew associates are responsible for making their own living arrangements. Associates are not permitted to reside in the JCPenney parking lot overnight nor is it allowed for pets to be left unattended in vehicles/RVs at any time on our property. Please check local ordinances regarding overnight parking.


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